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Well, typewriter enthusiasts, we’ve hit the big time. The Seattle Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park have contacted us and we’re helping be a part of their Friday night Remix event THIS Friday, August 22nd. I can hardly contain my excitement!

This will be the biggest event the…



He’s “the one”

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coloured scanning electron microscopy by steve gschmeissner (and sixth photo by nicole ottawa). an electron microscope uses a particle beam of electrons, which have much shorter wavelenghts than photons (visible light) and produce a greatly magnified image of the illuminated specimen (up to 10 million times).

dyk: the tardigrade, or water bear, seen in the last photo, can survive in temperatures of one degree kelvin and tolerate pressures six times that of the deepest oceans. despite preferring simple ground dirt, these creatures (which aren’t technically extremophiles) were shown in one experiment to have survived ten days in the vacuum of space. they can also endure heavy doses of radiation and hibernate for a decade. 

dy-also-k: the maggots of the bluebottle fly (the goofy looking dude in the first photo), are used medicinally to clean wounds. once sterilized, they are placed in a wound where they feed on dead tissue and leave healthy tissue untouched. their saliva contains anti bacterial chemicals which maintain sterility in the area.  

click pic for a description of other photos. see also: previous microscopy posts

OK, I’m just gonna say what I’m thinking here: TINY CONFUSED WALRUS.


WOW. You guys really turned up in numbers for the final installation of Ribbon and Rhyme this weekend! I was out of town and had to miss it. Luckily for me (and you all), we had a fabulous team of volunteers who were able to assist you with all your storytelling/letter writing/stuck keys needs. I…

"Our lexicon keeping pace with our ingenuity… or even lagging behind our ingenuity; it’s such a testament to our very human affinity for tools."


Some selfies are more thought-provoking than others. Amazing what you can see in the reflection.